OLD SKOOL has been hired and featured in many different corporate settings... 

Major Sporting Events, Casino Entertainment, Festival Concerts, Private Corporate Parties, Trade-Show Entertainment, Fundraising Events, City and Community Celebrations, Radio Station Functions, Museum and Tourist Attraction Entertainment.. The list goes on...

OLD SKOOL’s professionalism and universal appeal makes for a great and confident hire at any corporate event.

"You guys were a great time. We will be working together again"

"We appreciate you playing for us! I think you guys were awesome!"

"Great job guys"

"The band did a great job at Fan Fest! Outstanding work guys!"

"You guys were great! Your set list was fantastic! Thank you so much for being such a huge part of our celebration and helping to make it a success"

"When Old Skool shows up for a space party, they don’t disappoint. The band did a fantastic job for Yuri’s Night!"

"You guys were great at Winterfest! Everyone really enjoyed the show. It was exactly what we wanted to see!"

"Heard nothing but good things about you all and cannot wait to have you guys back here once again"

"These guys put on a great show at our summer concert series. We plan on having them back next year."

"The patrons and staff love you guys. We love having you guys here"

"You had a packed house on Saturday! That was great to see. Always a pleasure working with your band"

"One of the best drawing bands that we book. It's a pleasure working with you guys"

"You guys are always on my list. I enjoy working with you"

"Old Skool did a great job at our Summer Concert Series. We will definitely be having them back at the Casino!"

"Entertaining band! So fun and great energy!"

"We thought the band was great and the crowd loved them. We plan on hiring them again next year!"

"Thank you for being a part of the Walk again this year. The kids love you guys!"

"The band did a great job at Edgewater Live. Everyone here was very happy with you guys."

"Was happy to hear that the band was coming back again this year to kick off our Browns tailgate series"

"You guys are amazing! 

That's the most fun interview I've done in quite sometime."

"We had so much fun working with your band!"

"You guys were great. We really appreciate your performance and professionalism"

"You guys did an outstanding job"

"What a great night. The band was outstanding! Everybody had so much fun!"

""Old Skool really know how to entertain big crowds. We’ve had the band at several of our of events. We highly recommend them!"

"People loved you guys at the Fan Experience Tent during Enshrinement Week."

"The band did a fine job"

"You guys do a great job every time you are here"

"We loved having you play and it seemed like the runners did as well. You guys are amazing to work with"

"You guys were awesome and the crowd loved you!! We enjoyed having you and looking forward to working with you soon!"

"You guys were awesome!! So many people have been talking about you today"

"You guys did a great job for us at OLPH this past Saturday and I am already being told to hurry up and nab you guys again for next year"

Thanks so much for providing us with a great night of entertainment! We will definitely keep you guys in mind for future events! 

"We really enjoyed your performance Saturday night. You guys are by far the best band to perform at a US homecoming!

"Thank you for coming back and playing for us again this year. You guys are so much fun!"

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